The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

Online shops continue to grow throughout UK in the recent years. As a matter of fact, online sales are expected to grow by 16.2% by the end of 2015.  Additionally, BBC News has reported that an average UK adult spends 8 hours and 41 minutes a day on media devices.

Online shopping has many great benefits – which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that many people prefer to shop online than go to shopping malls.

One of the most important advantages of shopping online rather than traditional shopping is convenience and comfort. You can shop in your sweatpants, and you can shop anytime, even during midnight; whereas you have to look presentable when you go to shopping malls, and shopping malls have mall hours to follow. Shopping online is extremely convenient that you can buy items on sale without competing with other buyers, without the long lines.

You can also save time and energy with online shopping because you don’t have to travel or drive to the mall to buy things; what you purchase online is delivered right to your doorstep.

You can handle your money better while online shopping because you can easily compare prices. Unlike in-store shopping where you may have to move from one store to another just to compare prices, you just type in the item you’re looking for and you can compare different online stores that sell the item. You can save a lot of money because you can easily go for the cheapest price.

Privacy is also one great benefit of online shopping. You don’t have to be embarrassed about buying lingerie and other private merchandise.

Of course, online shopping has its disadvantages, too.

When you shop online, you have to wait for days (some can even take up to weeks) for the purchased item to be received. Some delays in arrival are also common in online shopping. With traditional shopping, you get the item instantly and you get to use it right away.

Another downside of online shopping is not having the ability to thoroughly check the item before purchasing. For an instance, if you buy clothes online, you won’t get to actually feel the texture of the fabric, so no matter how perfect the merchandise looks at the pictures, you can never be a hundred percent sure that it would look exactly the same way when it arrives.

Clothes you buy online can’t be tried on before purchase. Even if it looks good on the model, you can’t be absolutely positive if would fit you the same way – especially that everyone has a different body type.

Shipping may cost a lot; there are even some online shops wherein shipping costs more than the item itself.

It’s always possible for the item you purchase to incur some damage during shipping.

Returning of items can take weeks to be processed, and not all online stores offer free shipping for returns.

Reading customer reviews is important in online shopping. You get the idea whether or not you can trust an online store with the help of customer reviews; but customer reviews can be faked – and that’s another disadvantage of online shopping.

Online shopping has its pros and cons, but the cons can be avoided if you’re extra careful before buying anything online.

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