Shopping Tricks To Get Big Discounts When Shopping Online


A lot of people prefer to shop online because it is more convenient than going to outlets and stores. The only problem is that it can be pricey at times since you will need to add the cost of the shipping fee for your item. To help solve this, we will be listing some shopping tricks that you can do when shopping right at the comforts of your own homes.

The first trick is to use coupons. There are a lot of good coupon sites today. Coupon codes are usually released by online merchants and even branded stores not only as a treat for their valued customers, but also to attract more clients. Coupon codes are so popular that you can get a discount on almost anything.

For example, if you are into make-up and skin care products, you can save a lot when purchasing at Beauty Bay. It is an established online store and they offer Beauty Bay voucher codes. For those who love fashion, you will surely enjoy using the coupon codes from Pink Boutique. They have a wide array of fashion accessories as well as unique clothing pieces.

Another trick is to follow the social media sites of your favorite stores. There are a lot of stores that give discounts to those who will “like” their pages. By subscribing to their accounts, you will also be updated with latest news and special promos. Aside from liking social sites, you can also opt to sign up to their e-mail list. You will usually get a coupon for this.

Next is to know the best day to shop. Did you know that according to a study, special deals and big discounts are usually given on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays? If you want to score big savings on books, you should do your shopping on Saturdays. If you are looking for cheap airline tickets, the best time to book is on a Monday. Don’t forget these days to score bigger discounts.

Compare the prices of various online shops, some companies sell products at a lower price. You can also check if they offer free shipping. You will be able to save more if you do not need to pay for the shipping of your order anymore. Most stores offer this promo if you have reached a specific amount during your shopping.

It will also be wise to choose stores that are established already. This will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also save you money, time and effort. For example, if you were not satisfied with the item you bought, it will be easier if you know the return policy of the store.

Also, you can join the loyalty program offered by your favorite store. Aside from letting you earn money from your purchases, you will also be able to enjoy other deals as well.

Next is to think twice, before buying. We know that it can be really tempting to shop online since you can easily get your favorite items in just a few clicks. You need to have discipline to prevent you from becoming an impulsive buyer. If you really want an item and you do not have a discount coupon yet, why not wait for a while to see if the item goes on sale?

Another trick related to this is leaving items in your cart. Leave the item for a day or two so that you can avoid impulsive buying. Also, a lot of companies do not want unclosed deals. Some companies send coupons to their clients just to entice you to purchase the items that you have put into your cart. Genius, right?

These are just some useful shopping tricks that you may want to try. With so many online stores opening everyday, it has become so easy and convenient to get anything you need without exerting an effort to go out. And while this convenience is truly great, we should never forget to stay wise when shopping.

There is nothing wrong in treating yourself once in a while, just remember to do everything in moderation. Happy shopping!

Tips on How to Save Money on Shopping

Tips On How to Save Money On Shopping

Shopping, may it be for clothes, groceries, or other stuff we need or want, is an important part of our lives and yes, gets a big part of our budget. Still, shopping is inevitable, and is something that is not optional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a bit more creative and shop smarter by applying techniques on how to save pennies on shopping.

Whether you live a luxurious lifestyle or an austere one, it still wouldn’t hurt to save some money. Here are some helpful tips that can come in handy in order for you to be able to cut back on your shopping expenses:

If have your eye on a particular item at the mall and it is costly, take into consideration if you may use the item, for example a pair of stilettos, for many times or for a long time so that its rate of being useful to you will make up for its expensive price. Will you use it every day? Or, if not, would you be wearing those stilettos on many occasions and will continue to be useful for the years to come? Once you realise that the item you intend to buy is not that useful, it can help you reconsider. This can help you make a better analysis of your situation and can help you be a wiser shopper as well.

If you’re shopping for appliances, cooking utensils, dinnerware, or other home items, settle for products that have high qualities. Although these items may cost a bit more than others, you can count on them to last longer so you wouldn’t need to buy a new one sooner. This doesn’t apply to all cases, but sometimes, some items are more expensive than others because of the specialised, high grade materials used in producing them.

If you are a fan of Tupperware and you buy it to store leftovers or other foods, stop. Instead of using Tupperware, you can just reuse items you already have. For instance, you can wash a used ice cream container and store some leftovers in it. It may not look as pretty as it would when you store it in your Tupperware, but the ice cream container is airtight and will be able to store the food properly.

For moms shopping for diapers for their babies, you can save a great deal if you switch to cloth diapers rather that sticking to disposable diapers. You will be extremely surprised at how much you can save when you start buying cloth diapers instead.

Before you go shopping, it can be useful if you allocate the cash you intend to use for shopping. Yes, cash instead of credit cards. That way, you may keep track of your spending knowing you have set a price limit on the total amount of items you will purchase.

When you’re at the mall to shop for something, you should start looking for the item you want from the least expensive stores before you move to fancier ones. This can help you make sure that you’ve explored all economical choices.

Try some do it yourself or homemade cleaners instead of buying cleaning agents for your drains. Sometimes, simply using a mixture of warm water, vinegar, as well as baking soda can get your drains clean. Baking soda can also help you keep your white shoes clean and free from stains.

If you’re a fan of a particular shopping centre or a specific brand, you can follow their official pages on various social networking sites to stay updated. Brands and malls usually make announcements online before they hold large sales events.

Prior to shopping, you can also check the online price of the product you want to buy and compare it to the product’s price at the actual store. Sometimes, there would be items that will cost cheaper if you purchase it online.

There are some people who prefer online shopping over traditional shopping. If you’re one of them, don’t neglect coupon or discount codes. They can help you a lot of money. Coupons may be downloaded online and printed. Also, subscribing to email newsletters of the brands you truly use can grant you exclusive offers and discounts.

There are so many ways that we can save on shopping, if we just put more effort into it. Try these steps and be amazed by the amounts of quid you can save!

Fruit Infuser Water Bottles: Top Summer Product


You might not know it based on all of the rain we have been getting but it is in fact June already and we are officially in Summer time! Don’t fret the sun will be sure to show itself in not too long and when it does we have to do our best to protect ourselves from its effects. That means to cover ourselves from the harmful effects of the sun with sun cream and also to be wary of being dehydrated and drinking lots of water.

This is where fruit infuser water bottles come in, many people aren’t particularly fond of drinking water as it’s boring. Too many people might opt for sodas or juices but lets face it, when it comes to rehydrating ourselves there is nothing better than just plain old water. This is where fruit infuser bottles come in as they are able to add some flavor to plain old water and thus helping us drink more water.

Drinking more water has a number of possible health benefits including:-

  • Fat Burning
  • Hydration
  • Self-immunity (antioxidants)
  • Weight loss
  • Improved digestion

One of our favourite fruit infuser water bottles in the FruitMe Premium Fruit Infuser,

We like this bottle for a number of reasons, first of all its appearance. Quite simply it is just much better looking than most of its competitors. Don’t believe us? Check here for a comparison of a large number of fruit infuser water bottle reviews. Most other bottles are a bit lacking in terms of appearance, they are all rather generic and their packaging doesn’t have much personality. With FruitMe they have gone to some lengths to design something that is appealing to the eye.

What makes the FruitMe bottle unique is their bottom infuser technology and also their insulating sleeve. The benefit of having the fruit infuser basket located in the bottom of the bottle is that the fruit remains submerged in the bottle for longer. This is opposed to having the basket placed in the top where once you are start drinking water it won’t take long for the bottle to be half full then all of a sudden the water is no longer in contact with the fruit.

The other feature that makes it stand out is the insulating sleeve made out of neoprene. We personally think it looks very attractive whilst having the added benefit of keeping your drink cooler for longer as well as eliminating the problem on condensation dripping down your bottle.

The FruitMe premium fruit infuser is of course 100% BPA free being made out of Tritan plastic, it has a decent volume at 700ml and perhaps most importantly to the drivers amongst us is that in will fit in your car’s drinks holder!

If you would like to read more reviews on this fruit infuser water bottle or to find out more information then check it out on Amazon.

Planning to Save On Christmas Shopping

Planning to Save On Christmas Shopping

Christmas, or the holidays, are supposed to be merry and cheerful; but do they have to be expensive as well?

According to The Telegraph, an average family spends around £800 on Christmas. If you’re one of the big spenders during this season, you may end up being broke at the start of the following year. Maintaining your budget and cutting on expenses can be challenging any time of the year; but it is a lot harder on Christmas season since you have to spend on items you don’t normally purchase during other seasons such as gifts and Christmas decorations, not to mention ingredients for sumptuous meals on this festive occasion.

Though there are many reasons to spend more during Christmas, it’s still possible to save some money.

Of course you would want to decorate your lovely home to give it more Christmas-y spirit, but if you want to save some cash, you may have to wait for next year’s Christmas to re-decorate your home. Christmas decorations, Christmas cards, and even Christmas wrappers usually go on a massive sale in January. It is indeed a long wait if you would purchase items in January to be used in December, but a little waiting can help you save a lot. Purchase wrappers, cards, and decorations for Christmas as early as January, and you’ll be glad you did.

Buying Christmas presents for your loved ones all at once directly translates to big expenses that can be overwhelming and may even drive you to borrow money. You can opt to buy presents for your family throughout the year. Just remember to store these Christmas gifts somewhere they won’t be discovered by anyone else. Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to shop for gifts on numerous occasions, you can start saving for Christmas gifts as early as January so that you won’t be overwhelmed by the high costs of presents on December.

Before doing your Christmas shopping, create a list of ideal gifts for every person you intend to give presents to. Also, include the amount of money you’re willing to spend for each one so you can limit your spending.

Starting a ‘children-only’ rule when it comes to getting presents can also help you save. Or, you can practice the traditional Secret Santa so you (and everyone else) only have to purchase a gift for one person.

Searching for clearance stores or outlet shops for you to avail big discounts on designer brand items can help you save on cash without sacrificing the quality of presents you give.

Although Christmas dinners should be more special than your daily meals, it’s typical for us to overspend on them. You can always cut down on food expenses for Christmas or explore and try new recipes that won’t cost as much as your previous Christmas meals but will be equally special.

If you have decided to buy presents throughout the year to spread the costs, search for discount coupons. Discount coupons can help you save a lot in buying presents.

Online shopping isn’t only convenient, but can also help you find great buys. Sometimes, there are even items for sale online that cost a lot less than the ones sold at the physical stores.

Christmas should be a happy occasion; but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be an expensive one, too. Start reducing on your Christmas expenses and enjoy a lot more savings for the year ahead.

The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

Online shops continue to grow throughout UK in the recent years. As a matter of fact, online sales are expected to grow by 16.2% by the end of 2015.  Additionally, BBC News has reported that an average UK adult spends 8 hours and 41 minutes a day on media devices.

Online shopping has many great benefits – which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that many people prefer to shop online than go to shopping malls.

One of the most important advantages of shopping online rather than traditional shopping is convenience and comfort. You can shop in your sweatpants, and you can shop anytime, even during midnight; whereas you have to look presentable when you go to shopping malls, and shopping malls have mall hours to follow. Shopping online is extremely convenient that you can buy items on sale without competing with other buyers, without the long lines.

You can also save time and energy with online shopping because you don’t have to travel or drive to the mall to buy things; what you purchase online is delivered right to your doorstep.

You can handle your money better while online shopping because you can easily compare prices. Unlike in-store shopping where you may have to move from one store to another just to compare prices, you just type in the item you’re looking for and you can compare different online stores that sell the item. You can save a lot of money because you can easily go for the cheapest price.

Privacy is also one great benefit of online shopping. You don’t have to be embarrassed about buying lingerie and other private merchandise.

Of course, online shopping has its disadvantages, too.

When you shop online, you have to wait for days (some can even take up to weeks) for the purchased item to be received. Some delays in arrival are also common in online shopping. With traditional shopping, you get the item instantly and you get to use it right away.

Another downside of online shopping is not having the ability to thoroughly check the item before purchasing. For an instance, if you buy clothes online, you won’t get to actually feel the texture of the fabric, so no matter how perfect the merchandise looks at the pictures, you can never be a hundred percent sure that it would look exactly the same way when it arrives.

Clothes you buy online can’t be tried on before purchase. Even if it looks good on the model, you can’t be absolutely positive if would fit you the same way – especially that everyone has a different body type.

Shipping may cost a lot; there are even some online shops wherein shipping costs more than the item itself.

It’s always possible for the item you purchase to incur some damage during shipping.

Returning of items can take weeks to be processed, and not all online stores offer free shipping for returns.

Reading customer reviews is important in online shopping. You get the idea whether or not you can trust an online store with the help of customer reviews; but customer reviews can be faked – and that’s another disadvantage of online shopping.

Online shopping has its pros and cons, but the cons can be avoided if you’re extra careful before buying anything online.

Online Shopping 101: What First Time Online Shoppers Should Expect

Online Shopping 101

More and more people switch to online shopping from the traditional, in store shopping – and why not? Shopping has never been this easy; you get to enjoy shopping at the comforts of your own home.

Online shopping might appear as a challenge to first time online shoppers, but doing some online reading before actually trying to buy online can be a great deal of help.

Knowing what to expect and what to look for in online stores is essential. If this is your first time to purchase items online, here are some tips that might help you out:

The key to getting important information about an online store or a product is reading reviews given by buyers who have purchased the same item. From reading reviews, you can get an idea not only about the product, but also about the online shop itself. Reviews are very helpful in determining if an online store has excellent customer service, easy return policies, etc.

Most online stores accept returns; but it may take days and even weeks for returns to be processed so it’s better to examine what you want to purchase carefully. Be meticulous in checking images of the product before buying it. Being extra careful in doing a thorough check in an item before purchasing will help you set your expectations about the product.

Explore some more and don’t just settle on the first online store you stumble upon. Look for other online shops that offer the product you’re looking for and compare prices. Again, read through the sites carefully because although a particular item is being sold on two different sites at the same price, there’s a possibility that one of the online shops offer free shipping, or has a better return policy.

There are many online stores that automatically offer free shipping, while some others only offer free shipping when you’ve reached a certain amount of purchase. Most products for sale with free shipping take longer time to be delivered, but if you don’t need the item urgently, it’s wiser to just be a little more patient – it will save you money as well.

Read through the site’s return policy to make sure that you’re getting a good deal. Even when online stores offer free shipping for the delivery of the item to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that returning purchased items to them will also be free of charge. Make sure that you understand their return policy so you know what to expect and what to do next should the item you receive does not meet your expectations.

There are many ways you can pay for items bought online. Credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, PayPal, and cash on delivery are just some of your options when it comes to paying for the product. If you’re uncomfortable providing your credit or debit card information online, paying via PayPal is a good alternative. Setting up a PayPal account is quite simple and easy. Paying online purchases by PayPal is also hassle-free. Payment by wire transfer is commonly accepted by online stores, too. However, if you don’t feel safe making online payments and prefer paying by cash, some online stores offer cash on delivery.

Online shopping can be risk free if you will actually do some research about the product you want to buy. Spending a few minutes reading through an online store and comparing prices isn’t much of a big deal if it means saving your time and money.

Shopping online is an enjoyable experience; especially if you’re a smart and prepared online shopper.

How To Resist Impulse Shopping

How to Resist Impulse Shopping

Have you ever gone to the mall planning on buying just a couple of items and ended up going home with a bunch of stuff? Yes, that normally happens to most of us, and no, you’re not alone.

Impulse buying is a common concern among shoppers; it’s easy to give in to impromptu purchases every now and then. However, if it’s becoming a habit and you already have debts to pay, then impulse buying is something you have to deal with.

Resisting making purchases on impulse is easier said than done – but it is possible.

There are some steps you can take in order to stop yourself from buying things you don’t really need.

When you go out to buy something, go with a list of things you need to buy; but don’t just stop there. Of course, this will only work if you stick to the list.

Don’t bring your credit card when shopping, or, if you can, cancel your credit card altogether to avoid making unnecessary purchases.

Don’t go shopping when you’re in a bad mood. Shopping while you’re feeling blue or sad or angry is not a good idea because your emotions may affect your judgment in deciding whether you really need to buy something. Shopping while you’re upset may urge you to purchase something that you don’t need just to make yourself feel better. Think of other ways to improve your mood.

Choose your company carefully when you shop. Don’t go with friends who are impulse buyers, too. Go with people who know how to manage their own budgets so they can stop you from buying unimportant items.

If you’ve seen something that you really want to buy but may ruin your budget, spend some time pondering how much you really want it. Hold off as long as you can; that gives you more time to think, plus, the interest you have in things you don’t really want so badly will wear off after a few days.

Buy from stores that have good return policies. That way, even after you’ve purchased something you’d lose interest in after a few days, you can always return them.

Leave immediately after purchasing what you’ve planned to buy in the first place. Don’t linger around the shopping mall. Setting a schedule, like planning other important things to do after shopping, can also help a great deal because it will limit the time you spend shopping.

Allot a small part of your monthly budget for impulse purchases so that you don’t feel guilty every time you buy something you want.

It will take a lot of self-discipline in order to resist buying on impulse. Still, taking one step at a time is better than doing nothing.

Grocery Shopping On A Budget

Grocery Shopping On a Budget

Shopping for food is not only important, but is something you’re required to do regularly. Grocery shopping on a tight budget is challenging, but if you plan ahead, you can manage your budget more properly and focus on being more practical in buying grocery items.

One effective way to be able to save money (even before shopping) is to learn how to cook and planning your meals for the entire week. Learning how to cook meals means buying the actual ingredients needed and will cost a lot lesser than eating out. In addition to home cooked food being more affordable that food from restaurants, you can always eat the leftovers from last night’s dinner as your lunch today. You may even reuse these leftovers into cooking other meals.

You do some online research for recipes of affordable meals you can cook on to maximize what you can save without starving your family or neglecting their nutritional needs. Once you have planned your meals for the week, make a list of the ingredients you need to buy so you can be prepared at the supermarket.

When you already have the list of essential things to buy, stick to it. Don’t be easily enticed by large stickers and tags saying that something’s on sale, because sometimes, you won’t really save much by buying these discounted items you don’t even need.

Switch to cheaper brands. Cheaper brands don’t necessarily have an awful taste or bad quality; sometimes they even taste the same as the branded ones – the only difference is that you can save more in buying them.

Use cash when paying for your grocery items and don’t bring your credit card to avoid buying things that aren’t on your list.

It’s always better to shop alone so you can stay focused on your list and for you to be able to stay away from buying items you don’t need. If you bring your children with you, for an example, you may just end up buying chocolates and chips you won’t normally buy if you’re shopping alone.

Don’t shop while you’re hungry. According to research conducted by The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Minnesota, shopping on an empty stomach can affect our behavior and make us buy things we don’t need.

Buying fruits and vegetables that are in season will help you save a lot, too.

If you want to go the extra mile in saving money, you may also want to visit farmers’ markets instead of supermarkets for your fruits and vegetables.

Sure, going grocery shopping on a tight budget is hard, but once you get used to looking for cheaper grocery items, you’ll be surprised on how much money you can save by just making some adjustment to your food choices.